BMSPEC Spoiler Extension

Stabilize your rear end affordably with this stylish spoiler extension.

Affordable, functional style for your hatchback! We designed this product specially for those of you on a budget, or wanting a more conservative appearance than our street-and-race products.

  • Gurney Flap for OEM spoilers: Our simple design works with your OEM hatchback spoiler to provide a little downforce, and more stability at speed.
  • Mounted with screws for durability: Other spoiler extensions on the market use 3M tape to mount, which is fine if you don’t make a lot of downforce. We want you to make more downforce! So, we use 8-10 screws to solidly mount the extension, and 3M tape only for cushioning.
  • CNC machined aluminum supports: Svelte but strong, four “aircraft grade” 6061 supports keep the extension stiff and gives the signature clean-but-aggressive look that we are known for.

Our spoiler extension is made from polypropylene for long-term durability, and can be painted over or left in its raw finish. Currently supported applications:

  • 2007-09 Mazda3 / Mazdaspeed3
  • 2010-13 Mazda3 / Mazdaspeed3
  • 2016+ Ford Focus RS

More to come! Please email us to order.