BMSPEC follows a simple philosophy: trickle racing technology down for the benefit of street cars and car enthusiasts. That means everything, from design to material to finishes to installation hardware, is carefully selected to produce high-performance parts that can be enjoyed equally on the street and at the track.

Aerodynamic Efficiency

All of our products make as much downforce as possible while adding barely any (often reducing) drag. We employ CFD early on in development to optimize our front splitter, GT wing, and rear diffuser designs; followed by extensive real-world prototyping and testing.

There is no final exam like racing, so we regularly send our partners to Time Attack events to collect data and refine our designs. The result is our ability to generate over 1.5G lateral grip on street tires, without losing any straight-line speed, and without losing any fuel economy during daily driving. Truly no compromise, unlike what other manufacturers will claim.


Unlike other aero companies, we design our products assuming you will damage them - because we scrape all the time! Our splitters and diffusers use tough materials like ABS and aluminum, mounted at many points, reinforced with steel bars and brackets, so that you can hit them over and over again and not have to worry. All of our splitters, lips, spoiler extensions and diffusers come in a satin black finish that takes a beating and is easy to touch up or sand out if scratched.

Even our race-proven GT wings are designed with practicality in mind. Chassis mounted wings compromise trunk/hatch opening, so instead, we re-engineered the traditional trunk/hatch mount with wider feet (and, on some applications, under-trunk reinforcement) to hold the 500+lbs of downforce our GT wing produces. Mounting the wing at roof level, not above or below, increases the wing’s efficiency and maximizes fuel economy, while avoiding any obstruction to rear visibility.

100% practicality, 100% performance, and a distinct aesthetic that could only come from our obsessive attention to detail.